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You wish to take a surf course in Messanges ? Good choice : Messanges Surf School, is located directly on the South beach of Messanges and offers a wide choice of surf lessons suitable for all levels. Come and learn to surf on the most beautiful surf spots of the Landes beaches. Group surfing lessons and private lessons, Beginner surfing lessons, children’s surfing lessons or advanced lessons, you will definitely find what you are looking for! Our quality tourism charter guarantees you safe surfing lessons and a warm welcome.

Our team of qualified instructors from the French Surf Federation awaits you impatiently in the Landes on the spot at Messanges Sud beach, between Vieux Boucau & Moliets to share with you the joys of surfing. Passionate and educational, we are here to introduce you to surfing safely by choosing the best spots every day depending on the conditions (swell, wind and tide) and your surfing level. You will learn to surf your first waves or you will perfect your technique thanks to an adapted pedagogy and expert advice: fun and progress guaranteed for young and old!

If not already done, take a look at our videos, have a look on youtube, this will give you a little idea of ​​what to expect at Messanges Surf School …

What I will learn while surfing:

  • The technical basics of surfing: paddling, taking a wave, stranding up on the board, taking a direction, following a wave … up to the tubes for the most experienced!
  • The safety, priority and user-friendliness rules essential for learning to surf. To become a responsible surfer who respects others and his environment.
  • The observation and understanding of the waves and the marine environment in general. Know how to analyze a surf spot and know where to surf depending on the conditions (swell, wind, tide, shape of sandbanks) and your level.

A surf course in Messanges Surf School:

  1. Rendez-vous at least 15 minutes before the start of the lesson at the surf school. Located directly on the beach in front of the spot, there is no dune to climb carrying your board under your arm, just a few steps between us and the ocean!
  2. Equipment. We put on our wetsuit (full or shorty) we choose our board with the help of our instructor and off we go!
    Short walk on the beach to reach the best surf spot chosen by your instructor according to the conditions of the day and the level of the students.
  3. Beginning of the course. Let’s go for 1h30 or 1h (8 years old and under) of surfing! Throughout the session, the instructor accompanies you in the water to advise and help you. It will alternate with short briefings (theory and demonstrations) on sand and practice in water.
  4. End of the course. Back to the sand and a little individual assessment of the session.
  5. Back to school. We rinse then we put away our equipment and we go to the shower!
  6. We check our class schedule the next day before leaving school! You never know, the schedule can change depending on surf conditions and your improvments!

We are eager to welcome you for a surf course in Messanges South beach.

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