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Special Security Measures Against Covid

Your surf school Messanges Surf School is taking concrete steps to protect you. You can safely discover and practice an outdoor activity with outdoor and open space facilities.

  • We double the deck’s surface which will allow more space per person to equip.
  • We delay the rotations of the surf lessons by 30 minutes with max 2 lessons that leave at the same time with 16 students + 2 instructor max, or an available space of about 2.5 m² of terrace per person. Previously we had about 1 m² / person.
  • We provide you with outdoor locker rooms.
  • We ask families and those accompanying to not stay on the terrace to limit gatherings, except for the payment of lessons and after the peak moment for departures / arrivals of surfers.
  • Doubling of the rinsing tanks: As it’s already the case for neoprene suits, each person will bring their jersey after use, which will be rinsed with bacterless disinfectant, then dried before reuse.
  • Reception staff will be equipped with a protective visor.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel will be available at the two deck entrances.

The reminder of the barrier gestures will be displayed and will be given orally by the staff if necessary.

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