Surf Life Saving

The “Waterman” courses are inspired by the Surf Life Saving which is a professional sports discipline from Australia. It appeared in 1902 in Manly Beach (Sydney, Australia) at the time when it was forbidden to bath in the ocean considered to be too dangerous. This sport, made up of different test practiced between the beach and the sea, aimed to train and raise awareness of sea rescue.

The mini waterman course is accessible from 12 years old and is aimed at all those who wish to develop their knowledge of the marine environment and their physical skills at sea, while having fun!
During these 3 days you will learn to be more autonomous and responsible in the marine environment. This course is designed to develop the seafaring sense and the aquatic ease of the participants, surfers or not, whatever their level. The courses are fun and organized in the form of technical, theoretical learning and group tests.

How will I become a super Waterman / Waterwoman?

Here are the different disciplines that you will discover during this internship:

  • Theory: better understanding and knowledge of the ocean, waves, wind, currents, baïnes and their dangers.
  • Specific equipment: use of the tube buoy and paddle board.
    Assistance to people in difficulty: how to protect yourself, how to react accordingly and the first steps to be able to provide assistance at sea,
  • Bodysurf: surf the waves with your body only (technique essential for any surfer).
  • Beach flag: race on the sand, exercise developing speed and participant observation.
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