Little Pirate Surf course 1hr


1 hour surf lesson for children aged 8 years old and under: they will learn surfing with games and challenges, they will take their first little waves with great fun.

Participants information

We propose a surf lesson of 1 hour for small children aged 8 and under, the surf instructor will teach surfing with games and challenges to improve their balance or slide in a precise direction, and make sure they understand the safety rules. The kids surf course will be planned at low tide for them to surf in the best conditions. They will always keep water to the waist and surf their first little waves with great proud!

We propose shorter lessons of 1 hour as young children are sometimes a bit less resistant. However most of them will ask for more, as they usually learn extremely easily!

This price includes :
– 1 hour surf course with a qualified instructor in a group of 8 people max.
– The loan of a surfboard and a wetsuit suitable for children size.

It is necessary to arrive 20 minutes before the start of the course to select your child equipment and have her/him ready for the lesson. Please also plan 10 minutes after the course.

Surfing is suitable for all, as soon as your child is able to swim 25 meters and that she/he can immerse her/his head. Whatever her/his level and physical condition, the instructor will help her/him taking waves and looking out others and possible dangers of the ocean. All along the training, surf instructor will provide safety instructions and priority rules, as well as personalized advices for her/him to improve quickly and easily.

All our instructors graduated of the Surfing State diploma and first aid qualification. They will look after a group of no more than 8 persons. Each of them will have his own security bag, containing a first aid kit, a pair of flippers, a mobile phone and a colored flag to identify the surf zone selected, as well as 8 rashvests of the same color to differentiate his group.

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