Sales terms


These general terms of sale aim at stating the contractual relations between the O’Ride Surf Company, owner of the website and the customer, defined below as being the user of the present website and accepting these General Terms of Sale. Any other conditions would bind on O’Ride Surf Company only if confirmed by writing by O’Ride Surf Company. The information on this site may be modified by O’Ride Surf Company without notice. The mere fact of placing an order on the site implies the unreserved acceptance of these general terms of sale.

Durability of sales offers

The products are offered for sale while stocks last. In the event of an order for an unavailable product, the customer will be informed by email as soon as possible.

Product prices

Prices displayed on are Euro prices and all tax included, out of postage if any. They can be modified at any time and without notice. To this price, transport costs must be added which are calculated according to the type of ordered articles. Transport costs are specified on the screen at the end of the selection of the various products by the customer, and are recalled in the summary of the command that precedes the validation. Immediate payment is required on the day of the order. The prices charged are those applied at the time of the order within the limits of available stocks and under resserve of typographical error or modification of the French VAT rate. Any change in this rate would then be reflected immediately in the selling prices. Outside the European Union and according to the legislation in force in the delivery area, customs fees and duties and taxes may be claimed by them from the Customer.


If the customer wishes to place an order, he must first identify himself. To this end, he will follow the instructions provided online and include the information necessary for his identification and in particular his surname, first name, telephone number, postal and electronic address and billing and delivery adresses. The customer having chosen the products presented, will definitively validate his order by clicking on the „Confirm Order“ button which implies his commitment and acceptance of the General terms of Sale. From this moment, the order is registered, and a confirmation is sent by e-mail. The data recorded by O’Ride Surf Company constitutes proof of the nature, content and date of the order. For the purchase of surf lessons and courses, you will be asked by email for other essential information such as the level of the participant(s), their ability to swim 25 meters and knowing how to put their head under water. In addition, O’Ride Surf Company reserves the right to refuse any order from a customer with whom an ongoing dispute exists.


A detailed invoice will be sent to the customer on simple request sent to

Payment choice

– By credit card via the website : O’RIDE SURF CY has concluded a service agreement with CCSO Bank concerning online payments. The Systempay e-commerce payment platform meets the requirements of mailorder security standards (PCI-DSS) to offer you high-performance payment services in an increasingly secure environment. The CCSO manages the security of exchanges and ensures the secrets protection (decryption keys) and their management. Financial charges (bank charges linked to the exchange rate, bank commission for payment transactions carried out outside the territory in which the bank card was issued, other bank commissions, etc. possibly linked to payments by bank card will remain the responsibility of the customer. These costs correspond to any costs deducted exclusively by the customer’s bank due to the use of his bank card. The agreement of the central bank card network makes the customer order effective. In case of refusal of the central bank card network, our company reserves the right to cancel the rental.
– By French bank check: The Customer sends a check, payable to O’Ride Surf Company, in payment of the amount including tax of the order (shipping costs included) to O’RIDE SURF COMPANY, Route de la Côte d’Argent , La Prade, 40660 Messanges. It is imperative to attach to the payment the registration form or detailed order.
– By ANCV holiday vouchers: please contact us and organise partial payment by credit card. Rest amount shall be paid on site at your arrival.
– By Cheque Vacances Connect e-vouchers : please contact us an send your ID so we can organise payment on the Cheque Vacances Connect application
– Payments made directly to the surf school can be made by credit card, postal check, ANCV holiday vouchers or cash.

Right to retract

From the date of receipt of your order, if you are an individual, you have a period of 14 days to exercise your right of withdrawal, and be fully reimbursed (including shipping costs if any).

Data Privacy

The personal data provided by the customer is not disseminated to third parties, with the exception of the Systempay platform for the security and insurance of online payments. In accordance with law 78-17 of January 6, 1978, the customer has at any time a right of access and rectification. To exercise this right, simply contact O’Ride Surf Company at In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, you may, at any time, have a right of access, rectification, and opposition to all of your personal data by contacting us at

Attribution of juridiction

The contractual information is presented in French and the products offered for sale comply with French regulations. If necessary, it is up to the foreign customer to check with the local authorities the possibilities of using the product he plans to order. O’Ride Surf Company cannot be held liable in the event of non-compliance with the regulations of a foreign country. For professional customers, all disputes relating to the formation, execution and termination of contractual obligations between the parties that cannot give rise to an amicable settlement will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Dax, France, on which of the headquarters of the O’Ride Surf Company depend.


Surf course booking

The booking conditions are as specified above.

Cancellation of surf course

The entire course concerned will be refunded if the cancellation request reaches us 72 hours before the start of the course. After this period, lessons cannot be refunded, except in the event of a health problem or for reasons related to the health crisis, upon presentation of proof. Only requests for cancellation or modification sent to us in writing (post, email) will be taken into account.
In case of bad weather conditions (lack of waves, too strong ocean conditions, pollution…) cancelled tuitions will be, in agreement with the trainees: – replaced by substitution activities – postponed to a later date – refunded.
If a client does not show up for his surf course, he will not be refunded.

Responsibility of the structure

The trainees will be taken care of by the Surf School, and therefore under the responsibility of its educators, a quarter of an hour before the start of their teaching course. They will again be under the responsibility of their parents or guardians a quarter of an hour after the end of the service concerned. The civil liability of the Surf School concerning its trainees ceases outside these hours, within the time limits described above. Parents must before leaving their child at the Surf School, ensure that the planned service takes place.
Trainees are strongly advised not to leave valuables in the changing rooms (money, watch, telephone, etc.). The Surf School declines all responsibility in the event of loss or theft of any objects on its premises.

Customer engagement

By registering at the Surf School, underage surfers and their parents accept the risks associated with the practice of Surfing under normal conditions of practice. Parents or legal guardian agree on the ability of the children to swim 25 meters, their ability to put their head under water and the absence of contraindications to the practice of surfing.


The rental of surf equipment at our surf school at the southern beach of Messanges or delivered to your door implies acceptance of these general and specific conditions. The applicable conditions are those in force on our rental form and on our website on the date the reservation is made.

Equipment rental booking

All the equipment offered for hire is described on our website and visible at the surfschool situated at the southern beach of Messanges. We offer a selection of models in ggod shape and suitable to diiferent levels. The rental cost is set by the category of equipment reserved by the customer and the rental period chosen in accordance with the rental prices appearing on our website and in our brochures. Our prices are inclusive of all taxes at the rate in force at the time of your rental. The rental is concluded and only becomes effective upon payment receipt by O’RIDE SURF CY, according to what has been detailed previously. The customer must provide a deposit for the value of the rented equipment or an identity document kept by O’RIDE SURF CY for the duration of the rental.

Provision and return of rented equipment – Rental period

The rental begins as soon as the customer takes possession of the equipment at the reception, at the south beach of Messanges or delivered to his door. Up to and including the day of return in accordance with the duration indicated on the rental contract, a duplicate of the contract can be given to the customer. The equipment can be picked up the day before the first rental day from 6:30 p.m. and returned at the end of the last rental day or the next day before 10 a.m. Any return of equipment after 10 a.m. the day after the day of return provided for in the contract will result in the invoicing by O’RIDE of one day’s rental at the rates displayed on our brochure, website and at the reception, southern beach of Messanges. Failure to return the rented equipment, for whatever reason, will result in O’RIDE invoicing the customer for the full value of this equipment at the public sale price, in addition to the rental cost.

Use of rented equipment

The rented equipment is intended for the sole use of the customer, without any possibility of sub-renting, or loaning even free of charge. The customer is the sole judge of his ability to use the rented equipment. The surf equipment rented is under the full responsibility of the customer as soon as he takes possession of it. He will ensure its conservation and will use it in all circumstances by behaving like a good family man. Taking possession of the rented equipment is the responsibility of the person making the rental. He certifies that he is able to use the rented equipment and undertakes to use it with caution, without danger to third parties in accordance with the regulations in force. All equipment offered for hire is recognized as being taken in good condition and must be returned as such. The material, being numbered or marked, must be returned with the same numbers and the same mark. Any damage, whatever the cause, will give rise, in addition to the cost of the rental, to the payment directly to the store concerned of the costs of replacement or repair, within the maximum limit of the value at the new condition of the equipment.

Availability of equipment offered for hire

O’RIDE SURF CY cannot be held responsible for delays in the provision of rented equipment, delays caused by reasons beyond its control, in particular in the event of accidents, delays in the return of equipment from previous customers, modification regulations, force majeure, etc… In such circumstances, O’RIDE will make its best efforts according to available stocks.

Damage / Theft

In case of forgetting, loss or substitution of surfing equipment during the total rental period is not guaranteed.
Obligations of the customer in the event of a claim: In the event of theft of the rented equipment, the customer will send O’RIDE SURF CY the receipt of the declaration of theft to a competent authority (police, gendarmerie). In the event of damage to the equipment, the client will report the damaged equipment to O’RIDE SURF CY and pay the amount indicated on the rental contract.

Terms of cancelation

In the event of illness or accident occurring during the rental period, the rental conditions remain applicable. Only the equipment rented by the person concerned can be returned and will then be invoiced in proportion to the number of days of rental actually carried out. In this case, the refund will be made. Any hour, half-day or full day rental started will not be refunded.



Surf lessons with O’RIDE SURF COMPANY are the subject of an estimate between two parties: the customer who buys the surf lessons and O’RIDE SURF COMPANY who organizes it.


Registration for the stay is made through the signed quote.
This registration implies that the customer has read the general conditions of sale on our website.
Registration only becomes final upon receipt by O’RIDE SURF COMPANY of the registration request duly completed and signed as well as the payment of a 30% deposit.


The price is defined according to the number of students in the group, each request will be subject to a personalized price study.

Payment Terms

At registration, the customer must pay a 30% deposit.
The full balance will be paid one month before the start date of the stay.
A stay not paid within this fixed period may be canceled by O’RIDE SURF COMPANY, and deposit remains with O’RIDE SURF COMPANY.
All payments (deposit and balance) are to be made by bank transfer to the order of O’RIDE SURF COMPANY. Cash payments are not permitted for mail-in registrations.

Cancellation by the customer

Various reasons can prevent the customer from making the stay on the scheduled date, these reasons cannot be supported by O’RIDE SURF COMPANY.
The customer will be responsible for this and cannot ask for compensation from O’RIDE SURF COMPANY.
Cancellation will be subject to the conditions set out below:

-More than 45 days before the start date of the stay, 5% of the total costs will be withheld.
– Between 45 and more than 30 days before the start date of the stay, 30% of the total amount will be withheld.
– Between 30 days and more than 72 hours before the start date of the stay, 50% of the total amount will be withheld.
– Failure to show up and/or renunciation of the stay equivalent to a cancellation will result in the total payment of the stay/activity.

In the event of cancellation after registration, O’RIDE SURF COMPANY will apply these cancellation conditions for each stay.
It is mandatory to notify us in writing of any cancellation or modification with acknowledgment of receipt.

Cancellation by O’RIDE SURF COMPANY

In the event of extraordinary events beyond its control (oil tide, storm, excessive seas, water pollution, war, etc.), O’RIDE SURF COMPANY reserves the right to cancel lessons.


Regarding its own services, O’RIDE SURF COMPANY is provided by:


This insurance contrat you with the following guarantees:

– For all risks of civil liability due to bodily injury and material damage.
– Professional Liability

Act of vandalism or theft

O’RIDE SURF COMPANY declines all responsibility for acts of vandalism or theft committed by a participant during the duration of the stay. In general, we advise participants not to bring valuables when they come to the surf school.

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